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About the Author

Randy was inspired to write this story because of two statues, The first a frog in Frogmore, SC, and second the Putter Boy statue at Pinehurst Golf Club in North Carolina. As a candidate officer for Naval Aviation in 1971, the Marine Corps Drill Instructors harassed Randy for stealing the frog statue in Frogmore.  The Marine DI’s trained at Parris Island near Frogmore. They knew that someone in 1963 stole the frog from the US Post Office because it made “Paul Harvey News” radio show. Randy, of course, did not take the frog statue. It was returned several days later after Paul Harvey said, “It is a federal offense, return the frog.” Someone did return the frog… with a hat, sunglasses, lipstick and a sign that read, “This Frog Went A’ Court’n.” Randy never forgot that frog! In 2001 inspiration struck when he came across the Putter Boy statue in Pinehurst North Carolina. He then told his future wife Wanda that they needed a Putterfrog of Frogemore!


Randy Bazemore

Randy is a loving father, husband and most importantly a PAPA. He is a graduate of Clemson University and went on to be a Navy Captain and Navy Pilot. Now retired from his service he resides in Hollywood, South Carolina with his wife Wanda, where he continues to write, and sells real-estate In the Low Country.

Warner McGee

Warner Mcgee is a freelance illustrator that specializes in character imagery. He is a SCAD graduate and has worked with companies such as Hasbro, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Sesame Workshop to name a few. He has illustrated for over 60 children's books including The PutterFrog.

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